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Feeling the cold fingers of winter

This past weekend got a little colder for most of us in the prairie provinces. Overnight temperatures dropped down to between -29C and -31C with wind chills down into the -40s. However, thankfully, the cold snap didn't last too long (about three days in total). Temperatures are back on the rise.

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Water project finshed before winter arrives

Been a long time since posting an update here, I know. My apologies for that, but just haven't had the extra time or bandwidth to keep posting here, as well as do videos for the new YouTube channel. But, winter is coming, so perhaps, if the bandwidth can remain “manageable”, perhaps I'll have more down time to devote to the blog. For more updates from the homestead, be sure to check out the YouTube channel.

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Caught in a deep freeze

As most of us living in Canada know, we've had a pretty cold start to the new year. We ushered in 2015 with a couple of weeks of day-time highs in the mid minus twenties, with wind chills putting us all the way down into the minus thirties. There was also a week there where we had some pretty strong westerly winds, too; into the 40km/hour with 60km/hour gusts. It was cold, to say the least.

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Enclosed the cabin's crawlspace and firewood arrives

It appears as though we got a few critical tasks completed just in time, out on the homestead. A week before the temperatures dropped and the snow finally appeared, we were able to get the skirting done around the cabin, sealing up the crawlspace underneath.

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