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The importance of being prepared

The weather forecast said that the area was in for some heavy rains and a chance of snow.  Unfortunately, they didn't seem to emphasize how well of a chance of snow that was, nor how much was actually on it's way.  Although we're not without means of getting off the homestead if we really needed to, as far as we're concerned, we're snowed in for a few days.

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Wind and rain, with a chance of more wind and rain

We've had an interesting, if not challenging, start to the gardening season this year.  At first, we thought that it would be a very dry growing season, as there was very little snow on the ground when the melting began and March really wasn't brining much moisture with it.  However, as the first week of summer approached, things changed.

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Topsy-turvy weather and general happenings

We've gotten quite the bag of weather in the last two weeks. Last week, we had record highs, pushing over 30 degrees for a few days there with lots of sun. Then, this past Tuesday, the temperature dropped and we were drenched with two and a half days of heavy rains. Then, yesterday morning, we woke to sleet and little patches of snow on the ground.

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Chem-trails Are Real

One of the reasons we came out here, to live on the prairies, off-the-grid, was so that we could have a more personal relationship with God. With less distractions of the world to get in our way, we can hear His voice so much clearer. But, what living out here has also done is put is in more direct contact with the Lord's creation. We have a much more intimate relationship with the animals around us, both wild and domestic, and we've gained a better understanding and appreciation for how He designed them.

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Feeling the cold fingers of winter

This past weekend got a little colder for most of us in the prairie provinces. Overnight temperatures dropped down to between -29C and -31C with wind chills down into the -40s. However, thankfully, the cold snap didn't last too long (about three days in total). Temperatures are back on the rise.

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Feeling like spring-time

It may not officially spring-time yet,but you wouldn't know it from the weather. For the past two days, snow has been melting with a vengence, which is great, but it's been causing a bit of trouble with run-off. Thankfully, we didn't get too much snow this winter. So, with the forecast we have for the next week, the melting snow and water may not be a problem for very long.

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Caught in a deep freeze

As most of us living in Canada know, we've had a pretty cold start to the new year. We ushered in 2015 with a couple of weeks of day-time highs in the mid minus twenties, with wind chills putting us all the way down into the minus thirties. There was also a week there where we had some pretty strong westerly winds, too; into the 40km/hour with 60km/hour gusts. It was cold, to say the least.

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Enclosed the cabin's crawlspace and firewood arrives

It appears as though we got a few critical tasks completed just in time, out on the homestead. A week before the temperatures dropped and the snow finally appeared, we were able to get the skirting done around the cabin, sealing up the crawlspace underneath.

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We get the roof done while the sun shines

We finally had a nice week of mild, good building weather. We're supposed to get a bit of rain tomorrow afternoon, but this is the first week since we've been out here that we've had four days in a row of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Great weather for putting down some shingling.

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Cabin foundation nearing completion

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve finally been able to make some good progress on the house build, even though the weather hasn’t been the most cooperative. Actually, for the past month, every week has had at least one day with extreme weather. Fortunately, most of the severe weather has gone around us, although we’ve still seen some doozies come through.

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