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Wind and rain, with a chance of more wind and rain

We've had an interesting, if not challenging, start to the gardening season this year.  At first, we thought that it would be a very dry growing season, as there was very little snow on the ground when the melting began and March really wasn't brining much moisture with it.  However, as the first week of summer approached, things changed.

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The robins are back

If you've visited our website in the past, then it probably looks a little different to you, today. I did some upgrading to my web hosting plan and changed the domain to something over which I have more control. The hosting plan also provides me a method of hosting multiple domains. So, if you're looking for your own domain and web space, let me know.

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Feeling like spring-time

It may not officially spring-time yet,but you wouldn't know it from the weather. For the past two days, snow has been melting with a vengence, which is great, but it's been causing a bit of trouble with run-off. Thankfully, we didn't get too much snow this winter. So, with the forecast we have for the next week, the melting snow and water may not be a problem for very long.

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