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The tools we used to build our tiny house

I was re-organizing and tidying up the tools I have stored in the storage container and thought I would talk a little bit about what we used to build our tiny house. When we moved out here, we had no grid power; just our solar bank. So, we had to use tools that we could both afford and suite the situation.

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The move of the decade

It was the move of the decade, at least as far as I am concerned.  You’d think that a month, to pack up your home and get it ready for moving, would be enough time to get the job done. Well, for us it really wasn’t. We were struggling at the end to get everything packed up and out of the house, before the developer took possession. Also, the weather wasn’t all that co-operative, as we were hoping to make it out to the homestead to assemble a couple of storage sheds, in which we were going to store most of our possessions until the new house was ready. But the opportunity to make it out to the property to do so just didn’t surface, the rains didn’t hold up long enough for us.

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