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Thank you Lord for the bountiful harvest

At first, it appeared as though autumn came to a screeching halt, when we hit October, and was faced with a prolonged winter. But, suddenly and out of no-where, when we made it to November, the sun came back and has been keeping us in the mid-teens all week. And, as the forecast looks today, we have another wonderful week ahead of us! Thank you Lord!

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Yup, we're still here!

It's certainly been a while since my last blog entry, but yes, we're still here and doing well.  It's certainly been a busy summer and it's turing out to be a busy fall, as well.  I haven't had much time or energy to spend on the computer.  But, we've gotten a few days of rain, so now I've got some time on my hands to update our (few) blog readers on what's been happening, out here on the homestead.

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Harvesting some of the garden's first fruits

Wow, it's mid-August already and some farmers are out swathing and combining already out here. We've also have begun harvesting some of the fruits of our labour this year. Although not everything prospered for us, the plants that did have been producing some wonderful produce for us.

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