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Thank you Lord for the bountiful harvest

At first, it appeared as though autumn came to a screeching halt, when we hit October, and was faced with a prolonged winter. But, suddenly and out of no-where, when we made it to November, the sun came back and has been keeping us in the mid-teens all week. And, as the forecast looks today, we have another wonderful week ahead of us! Thank you Lord!

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Wind and rain, with a chance of more wind and rain

We've had an interesting, if not challenging, start to the gardening season this year.  At first, we thought that it would be a very dry growing season, as there was very little snow on the ground when the melting began and March really wasn't brining much moisture with it.  However, as the first week of summer approached, things changed.

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Time for planting

Happy Victoria Day to our readers/visitors from Canada. This is an important holiday to Canadian gardeners, as it's the holiday that signals to us that the days of below freezing temperatures are generally behind us until autumn. Although, last night, we did see the temperatures go down to six degrees.

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Topsy-turvy weather and general happenings

We've gotten quite the bag of weather in the last two weeks. Last week, we had record highs, pushing over 30 degrees for a few days there with lots of sun. Then, this past Tuesday, the temperature dropped and we were drenched with two and a half days of heavy rains. Then, yesterday morning, we woke to sleet and little patches of snow on the ground.

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Garden preparations and new skills

Been keeping busy, out here on the homestead. Our three little incubator hatchlings are doing very well; growing big and fast. So much so, that yesterday we had to move them into their own section of the chicken coop, as they were crowding themselves in the tote we had them in.

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A joyous and blessed Easter to all!

It's that time a year again, when we celebrate our Lord's resurrection and ascension into Heaven and God's fulfilment of His promise to us for the chance of everlasting life. Janice and I would like to take a moment and wish you all a very blessed and joyous Easter weekend.

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The robins are back

If you've visited our website in the past, then it probably looks a little different to you, today. I did some upgrading to my web hosting plan and changed the domain to something over which I have more control. The hosting plan also provides me a method of hosting multiple domains. So, if you're looking for your own domain and web space, let me know.

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Harvesting some of the garden's first fruits

Wow, it's mid-August already and some farmers are out swathing and combining already out here. We've also have begun harvesting some of the fruits of our labour this year. Although not everything prospered for us, the plants that did have been producing some wonderful produce for us.

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We lost a runt

Our first week with the new chicks has gone well, although we did lose one of the twenty four and not sure why. It was the “runt” of the flock. It was sad to see this little one fade away, but we’re told that losing chicks when transitioning them into a new home is common.

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