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The tools we used to build our tiny house

I was re-organizing and tidying up the tools I have stored in the storage container and thought I would talk a little bit about what we used to build our tiny house. When we moved out here, we had no grid power; just our solar bank. So, we had to use tools that we could both afford and suite the situation.

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Water project finshed before winter arrives

Been a long time since posting an update here, I know. My apologies for that, but just haven't had the extra time or bandwidth to keep posting here, as well as do videos for the new YouTube channel. But, winter is coming, so perhaps, if the bandwidth can remain “manageable”, perhaps I'll have more down time to devote to the blog. For more updates from the homestead, be sure to check out the YouTube channel.

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Cabin floors are finally down

This weekend we were finally able to get the flooring down in the cabin. About the most difficult in getting the floor installed was clearing out all of the tools and building supplies from the cabin, itself. Once we got everything cleared out, the flooring was relatively simply to install. It was certainly easier than putting up both the ceiling panels and the wall panelling. And, wow, what a difference. The cabin is looking more like a home.

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A very happy Easter to you!

Happy Easter, everyone! We hope that you and you're loved ones are having a safe and joyous weekend and are enjoying the Lord's blessings. We are certainlly grateful for all that we have been given here, out on the prairie, and are looking forward to what this spring and summer have in store for us.

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Enclosed the cabin's crawlspace and firewood arrives

It appears as though we got a few critical tasks completed just in time, out on the homestead. A week before the temperatures dropped and the snow finally appeared, we were able to get the skirting done around the cabin, sealing up the crawlspace underneath.

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Radiant heat wood stove finally installed

Just finished installing the wood stove into the cabin and it's working wonderfully. It's a high efficiency radiant stove and it should have no problem whatsoever at heating our little home.  The installation took a little longer than we thought. First, it took a bit of research to learn all that we needed to know in order to install the stove safely. Once we decided to go through the wall, rather than the roof, we had to make sure the floor, walls and ceiling were all adequately protected. The most complicated part turned out to be the floor.

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We get the roof done while the sun shines

We finally had a nice week of mild, good building weather. We're supposed to get a bit of rain tomorrow afternoon, but this is the first week since we've been out here that we've had four days in a row of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Great weather for putting down some shingling.

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