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Our hens beging to lay

Almost as if on cue, one of our Orpingon hens laid her first egg today! Exciting moment for us, out here on the homestead. A lot of planning, prayer and hard work is finally coming to fruition. I had a strong sense of urgency to get to work on expanding our chicken coop accommodations, as the birds were coming into maturity. The roosters were beginning to get confrontational over the hens, and the hens were starting to look like they were going to be laying soon.

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We lost a runt

Our first week with the new chicks has gone well, although we did lose one of the twenty four and not sure why. It was the “runt” of the flock. It was sad to see this little one fade away, but we’re told that losing chicks when transitioning them into a new home is common.

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New chicks have arrived

Late yesterday afternoon we took a drive to pick up our newly hatched chicks. They just hatched on Thursday and they are doing well. We got them set up and accustomed to their new home for the next few weeks. Once they grow a few feathers and can maintain their own body heat, we'll get them out in the coop we're preparing for them. For now, they are in a wooden box we constructed with a heat lamp and are in the house to keep warm a dry.

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