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Goodbye for now, Boo

Sad news at the homestead today.  Today we had to put down our kitty, Boo.  We got him back in 2004, when he was six months old.  Next week would have been his thirteenth birthday.

We will miss Boo very much, but we know that our Lord, Jesus Christ, will be caring for his spirit until we can be reunited with him on Judgement Day.


We've been struggling, for the past month or so, with Boo's fading health.  Today he was in obvious discomfort and we were forced to question his quality of life.

So, after seeing the vet this morning, it was decided that we had to end Boo's pain.  He put up a good fight, but we didn't want him to go through any more suffering.

We brought is remains back to the homestead and we will find him a nice sunny spot to rest, preferably where the swallows like the congregate, as he always liked watching them through the window.



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Alan on :

Dear David & Janice,

I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. Although they are only with us for a relatively short period, they touch us in so many ways.

Thinking about you.


David on :

Thank you so much, Alan, for your kind words. It really is appreciated.

The time Boo's been with us has been short, but we're so very thankful for the time we were given with him. He was a very friendly cat and we'll miss him.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.


Andrew on :

Hey David. Kind of late to the news about your kitty, but I'm very sorry to hear that. We lost one of ours as well back in April too. We miss him every day, much like you miss Boo. Take care.


David on :

Hi, Andrew! Your condolences are much appreciated. We do get attached to our pets, but I think it's all worth it, in the end.

Our condolences for the loss of your kitty, too. I'm quite sure he had the best of care and was as comfortable as possible before his passing.

My apologies for the delayed reply to your kind message. Haven't had much time for on-line stuff, as we prepared for winter. But, now we're beginning to relax a bit and enjoy all of our preparations.

So nice to hear from you.

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