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New lawn tractor poses some challenges

Been a busy couple of weeks, out here at the homestead. Not all of the work was related to building the house, but not everything can be planned for out here. We did get a few good building days at the beginning of this week. During which we got five of the ten walls for the house framed and secured to the foundation.

In order to keep the walls a resonable size, so they can be handled by just the two of us, we're building them in 10 foot lengths. We then fasten them together, once they're raised up. Now that we have a start to the framing, the rest should go fairly quickly. Just five more walls to go and we can then get the roof in place.

The other thing that took up our time and attention these last couple of weeks was the purchase of a new Craftsman lawn tractor for the homestead. We decided to go with a 26 horsepower tractor, which not only mows, but also can be used to move snow, till earth, tow, and do a few other useful things around the property. We had a bit of a dilemma trying to get the tractor home. Since we’re in a rural area, it wasn’t a simple task of just going to Sears and pick up the tractor. We arranged to have it delivered to the Sears catalog outlet, in the nearby town. The challenge was figuring out how to get the 650 pound tractor up into the back of the pick-up. We have ramps, but sometimes they can be a bit too steep to simply drive up onto them. We were also told that the Sears truck would be dropping the tractor off in the middle of the night, on its way through to where ever it was going.

So, it wasn’t like I could be there to meet it and simply off load into the truck. After doing some calling around, I found out that there was an excavation company in town that had a docking bay/ramp that people use, from time to time, to load up equipment into their vehicles. So, I gave them a call and arranged to use their facilities. By the time all was arranged, it had been a couple days of calling and planning, but it all turned out for the better and we finally got our new tractor home, safe and sound.

Now, if the weather can just cooperate, we should be able to make great progress on the house this following week.



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