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Winds of change

Last week, we experienced one of the more intense storms of the year. Thankfully, the Lord heard our prayers and kept us safe. Our prayers now go out to those who had to face the storm later that evening, as it intensified.

Where we are, the storm hit at about 4:00pm and lasted for about an hour. We did not have to endure the baseball-sized hail, which others had to deal with later that night, but we did have some pretty intense lightning, heavy rain, and strong winds. The reports said that we had gusts of about 100km per hour and we believe it.

We only had one casualty during the storm. We lost a prefab shed, which I just got finished building two days prior. We were going to fill the shed with some of the items we had packed away in the storage unit. But, thankfully, we didn’t get to doing that just yet. If we did, then we wouldn’t have just lost the shed, but all that we would have stored within it.

The extension shed, which I built onto our small camper, survived the storm without any difficulty, it seems. It was dry inside and the roof stayed on. For never building a structure like that before, right from scratch, I was quite pleased.

As for the construction on the house, things have been going slower than anticipated; mainly due to the weather and the limited living space with which we started out. The original idea was that the camper trailer (and extension shed) would be used to stay in during weekend and holiday building trips to the property. It wasn’t originally going to be a full-time residence for me and Janice. However, with the opportunity with which we were faced, it kind of turned out that way - for the time being.

But, living in a small trailer like this, out on the prairie, in the July sun (and occasional stormy weather), poses it’s own challenges. So, it was decided that we needed to do something to make our day-to-day living a little more comfortable and tolerable.

With a little bit of research and calling around, we were able to find ourselves an excellent deal on a 5th wheel RV, with all of the comforts of home. It has a full sized fridge, range, microwave double kitchen sink and mobile island, gas furnace, fireplace/space heater, 40" TV with surround sound system (as if we need that), washer and dryer, double recliners and a full sized pull out sofa (in case guests want to stay over night). It's really a fully equipped 350 square foot, single bedroom apartment on wheels.

It’s a winterized trailer, which means that, once we get some skirting around it, we will have a comfortable place to spend the winter if, in fact, we don’t get the house quite ready in time - which is good peace of mind for us.

So, we had a few distractions and delays these past couple of weeks, but things are starting to move along again. Most importantly, we now have a more comfortable living space, which will make constructing our new home less stressful, overall.



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