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RV skirting installed and ready for winter

First off, I have to say that October has been a very mild month for us. The nice, unseasonably warm weather has certainly made up for the somewhat miserable summer we've had. Which has allowed us to gain back some ground on our preparations for winter.

In preparation for the white stuff, construction on the house has been put on hold, briefly. We decided to focus on getting the RV ready for the colder weather by getting the underside skirted in.

The challenge was to get the skirting up without actually securing anything to the RV itself. We didn't want to put any holes in the siding or attach anything that would compromise the structure of the RV, itself.

I think we came up with a good solution, by building a wood frame around the trailer and attaching plywood to the framing. It seems to be secure enough and should protect the underside of the RV from the winter winds. Granted, it's not very pretty, but hopefully it will save us a little on our heating costs.

I also thought that I'd make use of the overhang underneith the bedroom by building a sort of “garage” for the yard tractor. It should do until we get around to building a proper shed for the equipment.

Looks like we have at least one more week of above-average temperatures, so hopefully we can now focus on getting the skirting done around the house and insulate the floor before the really cold weather hits.

Also, during the past week, we received our propane space heater and on-demand water heater, which I'm looking forward to getting installed in the house soon.



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