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A belated Merry Christmas

I'm a couple days late, but never-the-less, we just wanted to wish our friends and family - and those of you happen to visit the website - a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2015. We hope that everyone experences the peace and humility that comes with growing closer to God this coming year.

Over the last couple of weeks, progress has slowed down a fair bit, out on the homestead. Much of the short days of daylight for the last little while has been more focused on getting the chores done. But, we're now over the hump having made it past the shortest day of the year) and hopefully we'll be seeing more sunshine as spring gets closer - which will equate to more productive work on the homestead.

We're now working slowing on the water and propane plumbing for the house and should have the bathroom up to a running state over the next few weeks. Once we get that going, we'll be able to start the transition from the 5th wheel into the house. Until then, we'll just be hunkerend down, staying warm in the RV.

It's quite nice and warm in the RV, but you can tell when the strong winter wind is blowing - as the furnace comes on much more freqently to keep it at bay. Not so with the house. We've done a pretty good job of insulating it, I think. When you're inside and have the wood stove going, you really can't tell what's going on outside, unless you're looking out the window. I takel that to be a very promising sign.



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