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Tiny house plumbing is in

We finally made it into the house. Not everything is done, but there's enough that is done to make full-time living in the house possible. It's quite amazing to be writing this blog post, sitting in the living room that we've built with our own two hands.

Last week, I got the water drains done and today I finished getting the cold water lines into the sinks. Next will be to get the hot water lines run and going through the on-demand hot water heater. For the time being, we're just heating water on the stove. We just couldn't wait to get out of the RV and into the house, and boy, it's great! As you can probably tell from the photo below, curtains are not high on the to-get list. Out here, there's no real threats to privacy. And, to help keep the heat down in the house today, a tea towel worked just as well.

I designed the system to function the same way as the RV. To provide water pressure, I installed an on-demand water pump. It draws water from the water tank and pumps it to the taps in the house. When you turn off the tap, the pump shuts off and will come on again when the water pressure in the lines drops (that is, you open a tap). The pump runs off of 12 volt DC power, so I have it connected to the cabin's solar battery bank.

The chickens are doing really good; growing big and starting to “cluck”. No rooster crows yet, but I'm sure it won't be too long before we hear those. They are pretty smart, though, and are really friendly. They like being petted and some even like to be picked up - the roosters especially.



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